Thoughts on Anti Fragile in Toulouse

In May I was invited to Toulouse for a choreography project. Over 2 days we explored movement inspired by rehab journey. We discussed coming back from injury and doing the best we can for our bodies to prepare them for possible injury down the line. We cannot bullet proof our bodies completely.. I mean how can you prepare for a wall falling on you?! So when/if we are hurt what then?

Spinal Waves. Primate Change. OMU.

Spinal Waves. Primate Change. OMU.

In the Analysis of Beauty 18th-century artist William Hogarth wrote a poem about a “waving and serpentine” S-shape as “the line of beauty” , which “leads the eye a wanton kind of chase”. At the core of this master’s inquiry lay simple principles of balance, symmetry, variety, simplicity, regularity and intricacy, which for him the S-shape perfectly embodied. The human spine possesses a similar line of beauty because it is also highly functional. From Primate Change by Vybarr Cregan-Reid (READ THIS BOOK) 

Spinal Waves 102 release

Spinal Waves 102 release

I got in touch with Sam last year, pretty much right after Spinal Waves 101 was launched.
The course was met with a response that I could not have anticipated. Now, after over a thousand people have jumped on the splooshtrain, I can happily say that my initial, suspicion has been confirmed - people like their spines moist.

The reason I reached out to Sam was because I needed someone to show people the ripple effect a mobile and fluid spine could have on the rest of the movement apparatus. If anyone could do that, Sam was without a question the person for the job.

I lucked out.

Sam said yes.

Resilience London with Decrypt Bodywork

As you may have heard (!) I survived a serious accident in January of this year. I actually considered jacking it all in at first… but my passion for movement proved stronger. I put in the work, determined to come back a better mover and overcoming my injuries has been my greatest learning experience yet. My mission is to create and share specialised workshops with focus on the joy and empowerment of movement through dance and fitness methodologies.

A New Collaboration

I have always believed in the benefits of cross training belly dancers for injury prevention, as you will know if you have taken workshops with me in the past! I believe belly dance movements alone do not create the strength necessary for long term resilience. I see dancers who have continued to perform into later years will usually have another movement modality (or multiple) to compliment their dance training. Be that yoga, Pilates, other styles of dance, some form of cross training.