A New Collaboration

I have always believed in the benefits of cross training belly dancers for injury prevention, as you will know if you have taken workshops with me in the past! I believe belly dance movements alone do not create the strength necessary for long term resilience. I see dancers who have continued to perform into later years will usually have another movement modality (or multiple) to compliment their dance training. Be that yoga, Pilates, other styles of dance, some form of cross training. 

Before the accident, I had never been injured. Never broken a bone. Never torn a muscle. Now having been through almost a year of rehab, I can empathise with others on a level that wasn't possible pre injury. I have lived through the highs and lows and learned that a strong body leads to and supports a strong mind, I aim to have more tools to help more people. I’ve always tried to think outside the box in my dance teaching, as a practitioner I want to share my passion for moving outside the ‘usual’. With that in mind I am embarking on an exciting new collaboration! Read on:


Meet Ryan Trificana. Owner/Operator at Genfit, Colorado USA.

Like me, Ryan also rehabilitated himself from a major injury (he also survived depression and loss of motivation to move) and like me he also discovered GMB Fitness when he needed it most. We both used GMB to aid our recovery. I used the on line training and Ryan is now a certified GMB instructor. We learned patience and the importance of finding the "why" so that on the days that our training/rehab/life got tough, we had something concrete to return to.

Our stories post injury both include a big shift in perspective, practice and teaching method. 

Through our commonalities and differences, we share an approach to exercise that is designed to yield strength and mobility gains that are accessible to all levels. Using our combined values on mindful, beautiful movement we can help you to mitigate and recover from injury more effectively, and make you a happier and better mover.

Our combined abilities include:

Fitness, strength and conditioning. Bodyweight strength and skill training. Mindful movement. Certified Buti Yoga Instructor. Certified Pilates Instructor. Fusion Belly Dance. Improvisation. Flow. Theatrical performance skill training. Musicality. 

Watch this space for where we are taking our collaboration and how it could benefit your practice!

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