New for 2019: One to One Online Coaching

Beginning of this I began coaching online working with a select group of dancers from 5 different countries.

If you are looking to strengthen your practice (and an accountability buddy) let me know and I will add you to the waiting list for the next round of places as they become available. Open to movers from all modalities!

Here is a review from Liesbeth who just competed her first month. We are both so happy with how the training has progressed so far, for me as a guide and for her as a dancer reconnecting to movement after injury.

“The true power of Sam's coaching lies in connection. Connecting dance, life, expression with so much experience and insight in how the body works. Because of that connection she was able to connect me as a dancer with all the aspects that came across my path. She leaves room for the coachee to decide what road to take and especially to help build a brigde there where there is a gap. This is a vital, crucial element that kept my body and mind moving throughout the exercises and made me able to dance, train and perform. The road we built together now leads to better gentle dance life and with confidence and insight that we are all able to dance on a rocky road or even build a new one. I would highly recommend the coaching to any dancer, on any technical level, who is open to discover the possibility of a better dance life.”

Liesbeth Alen

Liesbeth Alen