Spinal Waves 102 release

It is done. I am over the moon my friends.

I'm going to let Jon introduce the course I have created for you as he explains the work so eloquently. I am honoured to share his platform and can't wait for you to see and use the material! 
"I got in touch with Sam last year, pretty much right after Spinal Waves 101 was launched.
The course was met with a response that I could not have anticipated. Now, after over a thousand people have jumped on the splooshtrain, I can happily say that my initial, suspicion has been confirmed - people like their spines moist.

The reason I reached out to Sam was because I needed someone to show people the ripple effect a mobile and fluid spine could have on the rest of the movement apparatus. If anyone could do that, Sam was without a question the person for the job.

I lucked out.

Sam said yes.

She researched, designed a course, recorded the material, had a beta testing group go through the course, refined the idea, rerecorded the material and the result is.. Spinal Waves 102.

If you want to experience the spinal flow you studied and practiced in Spinal Waves 101 throughout the rest of your body, then Sam's course is for you. It's suitable for people from all backgrounds - the beta test group included everything from professional dancers to fitness enthusiasts and they were all able to do and benefit from all the 4 weeks worth of course material.

Sam has done an amazing job. She's made sure that your investment won't be one of calorie expenditure and mindless repetition, but that you have to build an actual relationship with your body.
The exercises are brilliant. They easily flow from one to the other and are instructed in such a way that only one as experienced and mindful as Sam could do.

Even better seeing as you've already enrolled to Spinal Waves 101, you get a 30% discount by typing in SPLOOSHIER as a coupon code.

To read more about the course, check out the free preview and to apply your discount code to either the Spinal Waves 102 course or the Spinal Wave (101 + 102) bundle, click HERE to find out more!