Hanangona Fest 2019

Heart full after a beautiful weekend in Allevard, French Alps.

Workshops full of smiling faces and a stellar line up for the show. I highly recommend this event. Run by a group of strong women of all ages. Amazing.

Danced my first theatre show solo since the accident January last year. I was quite nervous.. I honestly did not know how I would feel on the stage after so long away. I improvised a solo that told a story, a story about the moment the wall fell and trapped me and my students. A story about the long rehabilitation process, the frustration along the way and the new beginning and strength that comes from making it through. Then I danced a piece that was rather silly, just for fun. I had missed the stage. That 4th wall play time, push and pull, interactions and reactions… Guess you could say I’m back. Here’s some of my favourite images from the evening by Stephane Denise