Thoughts on Anti Fragile in Toulouse

In May I was invited to Toulouse for a choreography project. Over 2 days we explored movement inspired by rehab journey. We discussed coming back from injury and doing the best we can for our bodies to prepare them for possible injury down the line. We cannot bullet proof our bodies completely.. I mean how can you prepare for a wall falling on you?! So when/if we are hurt what then?

I consider myself lucky. I had my Pilates and movement experience to use right away, in my hospital bed. But many are not so lucky and only start to think about exploring broader movement modalities when they find themselves in pain. The root idea for the piece I created for the dancers was that we are stronger than we think we are and we can overcome, as long as we have the tools and a healthy attitude. I am not going to pretend I found my recovery easy. There many days I fell into victim mode. And that’s OK. Trauma is a strange beast.

I wove Functional Range Conditioning movements into the piece along with Fighting Monkey Rootless Root basics as I consider them a huge part of my recovery. I continue to deepen my practice with these and other movement modalities (Including daily practice with OMU and Wim Hof Method) to help build a more resilient, anti fragile structure. To come back stronger and to ensure I can keep doing the work I love as I age, and help others do the same!

Also featured in the choreography are some movements from my Spinal Waves 102 online course. This course is very close to my heart as its the first thing I created after the accident, under the guidance and support of Jon Yuen, who I consider an absolute leader in the realm of movement (and all things SPLOOSH)

I used triangles in various ways, for the staging and the bodily shapes/forms as I feel it represents strength. In the images here you will see my first notes for the piece. Sharing my work/progress as Austin Kleon says so. I really enjoyed sharing the work with the group and I cant wait to see the results when they perform it for their end of year shows. Thanks to Caroline and Jessica for inviting me and I look forward to the next time!

If you wish to join me on the next step of this journey you can find me teaching alongside Chris Odle Fitness in Brighton end of June and the following day, in London at The Place for Anti Fragile hosted by The Curious Verses crew.

Much love and thank you for supporting this adventure!

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