Samantha emanuel



To create and share specialised programs with focus on the joy and empowerment of movement through dance and fitness methodologies. I am focused on building a strong inclusive movement community through accessible training. I nurture and inspire healthy movement one human at a time, building resiliency and capacity, creating beauty in any domain. 

"Samantha inspired me as a tribal fusion performer and teacher, and as well as human being. In her classes, she generously shares all her knowledge and experience and she is devoted to all her students. Her kindness and dedication helped me to find new ways of expression in dance and movement, and her creative ideas and exercises gave me input for teaching and performing in new ways."  Patricia Zarnovican, Hanover Germany

Samantha Emanuel performs at Tribal Remix May 2017


Synthesis: Greek, from syntithenai to put together, from syn- + tithenai to put, place.

To synthesise (fuse) is the theme. I aim for my teaching to combine disciplines that enhance body awareness, body positivity, health, strength, balance and wellness through movement. Influenced by multiple dance styles including classical, contemporary and tribal fusion belly dance. Listen to your body, move with ease and find freedom in subtle nuances, inner rhythm and flow. 

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Anatomy is destiny – Sigmund Freud