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Grit and Grace

Grit and Grace with Samantha Emanuel and Chris Odle Fitness
A friendly workshop created to build your strength and increase your agility in style!

Two movers from very different backgrounds have combined forces for a day of physical exploration open to all ages and mixed abilities.  Sam and Chris will share creative challenges designed to enhance quality of movement through grounded strength and playful intent. We will breathe, flow, sweat and smile in a safe, supportive environment. We aim for you to come away with a feeling of increased grit and grace, both physical and mental.

This collaboration is thanks to and inspired by the Online Movement University, where Chris and Sam first met virtually, (then in real life beginning of 2019) and now continue to study and research within the OMU alongside some of the worlds finest movement specialists. To explain the ethos behind OMU and this new collaboration between Chris and Sam, here are some words from Jonathan Huynh-Mast, one of the headmasters and the creator of Mental Jiujitsu:

“Human movement, as a relatively new field of study and practice, is a complex terrain that few dare explore...after all, it seems intangible, un-quantifiable, and difficult to understand. Are we not always 'doing' movement? What is the difference between movement and fitness? Is there a difference at all? Although these are all worthy questions, our principal question is this: what is the LIMIT of human movement? And how do we EMBODY that experience in our so many varied ways? 

After all, we are human beings, not human doings. Resolving this task sounds impossible, but where most give up is where we begin. This is the gamble that those on the forefront of this industry must be willing to wager in the pursuit of progress...and it is a badge that we, as the Online Movement University, wear proudly. The structure of the human body tells a story about ourselves, and we fully intend on writing those chapters until the very end.”

Join the Movement.

Location: Fitnesshub Plus, The Old Bowls Pavilion, Preston Park. BN1 6HN

10:30AM to 4PM including a short lunch break. Please bring lunch and snacks with you. Dress for a workout and bear in mind we aim to practice outside!

Cost: £90

Email  to book your place. Space is limited!

Earlier Event: May 18
Toulouse France